Branding and UX Design

Hi, my name is Daniil. With 15+ years of experience building creative teams and brands, I help founders build their companies by focusing on branding and product design.

I’m happy to help in case you:
︎Find yourself spending all your time building a product, but don't have enough time to create its unique identity;
︎Have a product identity, but need some assistance with UX design;
︎Already have a product identity and UX design, but feel like they could use some improvements.

Services I provide:
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging, Design Systems, Web and UX Design.

Top client list:
Verizon TVJohnson & JohnsonFoursquare, BMW, Pepsi, L'Oreal, Vans, Pabst Blue Ribbon, The City University of New York, and Daily Harvest

Short bio:
At the age of 14, I sold my first logo design. When I turned 16, I started my first company called Prototype, which focused on creating websites. Later, at 21, I made the big move from my hometown to Moscow to establish my second company, Firma. As the CEO and Creative Director, I grew the team from 4 to 40 in just 3 years and secured accounts with major brands such as Bacardi Martini, BMW, and PepsiCo. After relocating to New York in 2017, I went on to found my third company in 2022, The Superhero Box. This new venture is a pioneering company in the healthy food for kids industry, blending my passions for design, food, parenthood, and entrepreneurship.

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Brooklyn, NY